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04 August 2013 @ 09:37 pm
[oneshot] A False Comprehension  
Title: A False Comprehension
Fandom: horikoshi
Author: yoyocchi
Pairing/Character: Yamada Ryosuke/Kawashima Umika/Okamoto Keito
Rating: PG-13
Genre: comedy, stupidity, and, fluff
Warning: incest
Note: I finally get to finish this fic after a year (and a half?) delay. I’m so gomen to boukenrider ;_; I hope you and everyone who read this enjoy it even if my english has been kinda off and the storyline is pretty much still rough. Don’t even get me started at how many times I have rewritten this fic and how snail-slow I am at writing.
Summary: From what other people saw, Ryosuke’s affection and over-protectiveness toward his little sister seemed like a common “sister complex”. From what Ryosuke thought, the way he treated her was as normal as consuming two boxes of strawberry in a day. Yes, that was still in the range of his definition of “normal”. But more important than that, no one suspected that it would be something more than what they saw on the surface. Meanwhile, Ryosuke didn’t realize that he was almost crossing the borderline.

i. alarmed

As the teacher ended the last class of the day and left the classroom, the silence that enveloped the room was immediately broken by loud cheers. With the last day of this semester had come to an end, the summer holiday had finally and officially started. Some boys expressed their joy by jumping off from their seats and hugged each other tightly—Ryosuke was one of them. He slung his left arm around his friend’s shoulder, pumping his right fist to the air several times while yelling ‘FREEDOM!’ in various weird melodies. Soon, his other friends joined in and they formed a sudden choir, completely ignoring the weird looks the girls were giving from across the room.

“Hey, hey, hey! We should go somewhere after this!” Someone waved  his hand, suggesting between the commotion. “How about the karaoke bar? Let’s have karaoke battle!”

“But we’ve gone there last week…”

“Then, bowling? We haven’t done that for a while.” Another suggestion from another person.

One hand raised. “I’m in for bowling.”

“I second that.”

“Guys, guys, I think I can’t join the fun. Sorry,” Ryosuke said, putting his arm off of his friend’s shoulder. He reached his bag, not minding the complaints coming form his friends.

“Eh? Why? Let’s play together!”

“You’re no fun, Yama-chan!”

“I already have another plan for today! Ciao!” He did a salute and winked playfully before he ran to the back door.

“Oi! What plan?!”

“Something!” With that shout, he dissappeared into the hallway.

“Well…” A friend shrugged. “If he looked that happy, then that must have something to do with his dearest little sister.”

No one doubted his conlusion.


Ryosuke rummaged the inside of his bag and pulled out two pieces of paper from his wallet. They were tickets to amusement park for two which his mother got as prizes from the shopping lottery, and she said to him that he could use it for both him and his sister. He had been hiding those tickets from his sister since he wanted to make a nice surprise for her. He had planned to tell her about the tickets after the school ended and then they would go straight to the amusement park without changing their uniform.

He eyed them intently, then he went giggly just by thinking of his sister’s cute, excited face when he show her the tickets later, not minding all the strange and curious looks given to him from the other students he passed by. The students themselves couldn’t help but glanced at him whenever he was nearby; other than because nearly everyone in school knew who he was—especially after he had won the second place by voting for Horikoshi’s Most Handsome Boy contest (which he was forced to join in) at the school festival last year—his dyed-light brown hair was pretty flashy.

Ryosuke stepped down the stairs to the second floor where classrooms for first year students were. He was walking to his sister’s classroom and he spotted her figure standing outside the room. Both corners of his mouth twitched upward in delight and he quickened his pace toward her direction until he noticed that her sister was talking to someone.

He stopped on his track and automatically dropped his smile.

It wasn’t just a mere someone. It was a boy. That boy.

‘A boy she has a crush on!’

His sister never said it herself, but the blush that grew on her face whenever that boy was nearby said more than necessary.

An imaginary alarm switched on and rang inside his head (and maybe blinded his vision with the spinning red light). It was his signal to act quick before anything he didn’t want to happen between them, happen.

“UMIKA!” he called her, slightly louder than he expected but he didn’t care that people at the hallway were staring at him now. He practically stomped to her side, the frown on his  face could be seen by everyone. It wasn’t like he had the intention to fake his expression. He wanted that boy to understand that he was on his way.

“Onii-chan.” Umika noticed his brother’s presence and waved at him. That simple smile on her face melted Ryosuke’s hard frown into a warm smile. Only for a moment.

Ryosuke stood in between them, threw a menacing glare at that boy—thus needing him to look up because that boy was about ten centimeters taller than him, curse his short height—before turning to Umika with his previous smile on.

“Ne, Umika. I got these tickets to amusement park for today. Just for the two of us. Awesome, right? Want to come with me?” he asked, each word was washed with hope that Umika would just say yes so they could leave that boy alone.


He nodded, showing her the tickets.

Umika clasped her hands, her eyes were sparkling in excitement. “That’s great, Onii-chan! Let’s go, let’s go!”

“Okay, let’s go!” Ryosuke grabbed her hand and pulled her rather forcibly. She needed to be dragged away from that boy’s sight immediately.

“Right now? W-wait! Onii-chan!” she pleaded, but he most probably wouldn’t listen to her. She turned her head, looking over her shoulder and shouting an, “Excuse me, Okamoto-senpai!” She shouted as loud as she could—since she believed that she had a small voice—hoping the still surprised-looking Okamoto Keito could hear her apology.

ii. afternoon stroll


Sprawled on the floor in the middle of the living room, Ryosuke let out an unpleased groan. Today was hell. He might will turn into one of those delicious chinese dumplings if the temperature didn’t drop a few degrees soon.

He had tried anything that were possibly able to subside the high heat he had been feeling  since before the sun hit the peak of the sky. He had taken a bath with cold water and let his hair wet afterward. He wore only a pair of black-red boxers and a white sleeveless undershirt. He had been cooling himself down with the mini electric fan for fifteen minutes along with the plastic bag of ice cubes on his forehead, which more than half of the ice cubes must have melted by now.

“Damn. Why does the aircon have to be broken at the wrong time…?” he muttered.

The sound of a small bell chiming entered the room. Ryosuke put aside the plastic bag from his sight to see Kuu, the family’s toy poodle, staring straight into his eyes, its tail wagging in anticipation.

Rubbing its neck, Ryosuke smiled weakly. He was weak against Kuu’s big goo-goo eyes attack. The word ‘no’ became hard for him to say even though he was busy or very tired whenever Kuu wanted to play with him.

“You want to play outside, huh?”

Kuu barked cutely.

Ryosuke patted its curly-haired head. “But I can’t accompany you for today, Kuu. The heat is too impossible. I’m sorry, okay? Ask Umika to play with you instead.”

As if it understood the whole things he just said, Kuu sat down, seeming less enthusiastic. It let out a whimpering sound.

“Oh, no. Please, Kuu, don’t do this to me. Just go to Umika. Shoo, shoo.”

Kuu sat still. One second. Two. Three.

Ryosuke sighed in defeat. He had lost to Kuu’s charm.

Putting aside the plastic bag and the mini fan on the floor, he scooped Kuu to his arm and stood up, leaving to Umika’s room.

“Umika, are you inside?” He knocked the door. There was no answer, but it opened a while later, revealing Umika in shorts and loose t-shirt, hair tied in a bun. She looked questioningly at the first thing that greeted her face—the fluffy, brown creature in her brother’s arm.


“What are you doing?”

“Mmm… Just doing my homework. What is it, Onii-chan?”

“Umika, can you walk Kuu for me? Please?” Ryosuke pleaded.

“Eeeh? But—” Today was Ryosuke’s turn, she wanted to say. But looking at him only in his underwear, she remembered how he hated the summer heat, especially when today’s heat was worse compared to the heat from previous days.

“Fine.” She took Kuu from Ryosuke. “But Onii-chan has to prepare the dinner.”

Ryosuke grinned triumphantly. “You can leave that to me. Thanks, Umika.” He gave her a peck on the cheek before headed back to the living room.


It was only fifteen minutes or so after Umika left the house with Kuu that Ryosuke started feeling weird. He kept changing his lying position until he thought it wasn’t what made him uncomfortable. Something was not right, but he couldn’t grasp of what it actually was.

‘Is it about Umika?’

He sat up. After seconds of silence, he laughed ridiculously at himself. “No way.” Nonetheless, he still got up, grabbed a pair of short khaki pants and a checkered shirt from his closet, snatching his thick glasses, and came after her. Just in case.

He went to the park, assuming that Umika must be at Kuu’s favorite place by now, and he was right. She was there standing by the pond, perfectly safe and sound. It was fortunate that the feeling he got earlier didn’t mean something bad happened to her. But unfortunately for him, it still meant as something he wouldn’t be happy to know.

At the other end of the leash Umika held, Kuu looked happy as it’s playing together with a brown chihuahua, and the leash on the chihuahua’s neck led to the hand of its owner who was none other than the person Ryosuke least pleased to see—Okamoto Keito.

The sight of Okamoto and Umika laughing together, thinking of what that Okamoto had done to make her cheeks blushed prettily, earned a twitch on Ryosuke’s eyebrow. “That bastard!” Ryosuke growled through his gritted teeth.

He was about to step forward, planning to get on Okamoto’s way, but a realization hit his head and stopped him. He currently had no single reason reasonable enough to separate them. No, he wouldn’t show himself to them and force her to go back home just like that. That would sound very rude of him.

‘But if I don’t have a reason, then I just need to make one.’ He took steps backward in a retreating manner while racked his brain for ideas.

After spending minutes thinking, he looked around in search of a corner hidden from the two’s sight and spotted a tree which was quite large to hide his presence. He quickly approached the tree, pressed his back on the rough surface as if trying to merge with it, and fished out his cell phone, skilfully pressed the number he memorized so well while keeping his eyes on Okamoto and Umika.

He cleared his throat, and then hit the dial button.

Umika picked up the call. “Hello?”

“Umika,” Ryosuke said in a partly-faked exhausted tone. The sun heat was starting to burn his skin. He had to do this fast.

“Onii-chan, are you okay?”

“I’m okay. I’m just feeling… burnt. By the way, can you buy me popsicle? The strawberry flavored one. I’ll pay you back later.”

“Okay. I’ll buy it on my way home.”

Ryosuke bit his lower lip. “Mmmm… now?”


“Can you buy it now? If…  you don’t mind…” he quickly added.

There was a short pause. His fingers fidgeting inside the pocket of his pants as he waited for her to answer.

“Hello? Umika?”


“Thank you, Umika, my cute little sister. I love you sooo much!” And sorry, he uttered in silence. But the guilt was lifted from him when he heard a sweet giggle coming from the other line.

“Wait for me, ne.”

“Yea! I’ll hang up now.”

Ryosuke ended the call. He took one last look of the side of the pond. After he was sure that Umika had walked away from Okamoto, he dashed back to home with all his might before Umika caught even a glimpse of his presence.

Thus, resulting him to collapse on the sofa once he arrived in the living room, exhausted for real. He seriously needed the popsicle right now.

iii. eavesdropping

Ryosuke was in the kitchen, enjoying himself making drinks for Umika and her friends who came over to do their summer homework together.

He arranged four glasses of ice lemon tea on the tray next to a big jug with the same fresh liquid inside. Aside from cooking as one of his hobbies, he also liked to decorate the foods or beverages he made so they looked pleasing on the eye and more appetizing. Grabbing a lemon from the fridge, he sliced them. He put the thinner slices into the jug, and four thicker slices were used as the decoration for the glasses.

Hands on the hips, he satisfiedly stared at his creation before he lifted the tray and brought them upstairs.

“Umika? I bring the drinks for you and your friends,” he said to the door of Umika’s room.

“Just come in, Onii-chan!”

“Help me open the door. My hands are full.”

He stepped aside when the door was pushed open—two of Umika’s friends were giggling excitedly behind their hands when they saw his figure—and entered. He squatted down, placing the tray on the floor in front of the girls, saying,  “Here you go, girls. Chill down for a moment before the homework problems burn your heads off.”

“Thank you so much, Yamada-senpai!”

“Sorry for troubling you, Yamada-senpai!” the girls said almost in unison.

Ryosuke waved his hand, grinned. “No, no, it’s not a trouble at all. You girls just enjoy the drink.”

“Onii-chan, thank you.” He heard Umika uttering that as she took a seat by his side, smiling at him. The cute smile that always sent flutter ti behind his left chest and made him wanting to ruffle her hair affectionately. He did so.

“You are welcome.” He straightened up. “Umika, if you need anything, I’m in my room,” he said. Getting a nod from Umika, he left the room and walked a few steps away… just to tiptoed his way back. He had a gut feeling that Umika’s friends would bring up a topic about him and her once they were sure he was out of earshot.

He pressed his right ear on the door carefully, not wanting to create any unnecessary noise. Since the sounds inside were muffled by the wooden door, he squinted his eyes in concentration, trying to figure out things the girls were saying.

“…has to be so charming? I want to be in your shoes even just for a day. Please, change place with me, Umika-chan!”

“Handsome, outgoing, family guy, athletic, and—didn’t you say he was good at cooking? That’s a very good husband material!” A squeal was heard.

In all honesty, Ryosuke didn’t know that those girls thought of him that way. Listening to them saying those things about him made him embarrassed in awkwardness, but nonetheless there was still part of him that felt proud of himself. Although he was a bit bitter they didn’t praise him for his academic score. But, truthfully, he was well-known not because of his average brain.

“Ne, ne, Umika. I still can send my application form to be his wife, right?”

There was a chuckle. Umika’s chuckle, Ryosuke knew so well. “I thought you were more interested in Okamoto-senpai, Chielu?”

“Pssssh, what are you saying? Okamoto-senpai is your share. He’s all yours.”

The muscles on Ryosuke’s face were tensed. ‘What?’

“W-w-what are you saying?!” Umika stammered, throwing back the question to the girl she called Chielu.

“Duh, Yamada Umika! You like him. And it’s pretty obvious that he has a hot on you.”

‘WHAT.’ Automatically, Ryosuke pressed his ear more to the door as if he could squeeze more information that way.

“T-there’s no way Okamoto-senpai like… me… Just—no way! Maybe it’s just you and your delusion.”

“Delusion? Right. I saw the difference between when he was talking with you and when he wasn’t. And I swear he was blushing when he looked at you! I saw it more than three times. Three times.”

“Actually, Umika-chan, realistically saying, he most probably does have a feeling for you. MOST probably.”

“You, too, Non-chan?” Umika whined helplessly.

“That was what his friend told us when Nozomi forced him to spit it out—” “Hey!” “—You know, Yabu-senpai from theatre club. Nozomi and I are also in that club.”

“Even Saaya… I can’t believe you guys.”

‘I can’t believe you, God.’

“We shouldn’t have talked about this to Umika. We have promised Yabu-senpai.”

“Ooops. Sorry, Saaya-chan. My tongue was kinda slipped.”

“Um, don’t give me that look, Saaya-chan.  Chielu was the one… Fine. I’m sorry.”

“But since it was Yabu-senpai who said it, then it must be true,” Chielu stressed the last four words, much to Ryosuke’s dismay.

“Stop it, Chielu,” Umika asked in a tired tone.

“Ne, ne, ne. I bet he has been liking you since that time. I mean, when you got knocked out by the basket ball and he carried you—bridal style!—to the infirmary.” Nozomi squaled. “It’s exactly like the story in shoujo mangas! Except, it wasn’t Okamoto-senpai who threw the ball…”

“Please, Nozomi. He was only being the kindest gentleman like how people like to dub him. I bet he would do the same to you, too, if you were the one who got hit by the ball instead of Umika.”

“Mou, Saaya-chan, what’s with the too realistic way of thinking?”

“That’s reality to you.”

Ryosuke still remembered that Umika-got-knocked-out-by-a-ball happening. The day that happened was also when an instant dislike to Okamoto Keito started growing on him.

It was around two months ago. He was on his way to the cafetaria with his fellow classmates when he saw Okamoto running in a great hurry from the entrance of the school building to his direction, a limp girl was on his arms. The moment Okamoto passed him, Ryosuke could see a glimpse of the girl’s face and his eyes widened in realization that the said girl was actually an unconscious Umika.

Leaving his friends behind, he turned his heels, ran after Okamoto like a lion chasing after its prey, and ended up in the school’s infirmary. He roughly pushed Okamoto aside and staring in anxiety at Umika who had already been laid on the white-sheeted bed.

“Umika…” he uttered helplessly.


Before Okamoto could say more words, Ryosuke abruptly turned to him and clutched at his collar, giving the taller boy the most menacing look he ever gave to other people. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER?!”

He knew Okamoto Keito was a senior and he was a sophomore, but it was about Umika so he didn’t care about respect or any other crap but what this Okamoto had done to his precious little sister that made her lost consciousness. He might have punched Okamoto if the school nurse didn’t try to separate those two and Okamoto’s friends came a bit later.

After the commotion, Ryosuke learned that Okamoto wasn’t the one that knocked Umika unconscious. With arms crossed before his chest, leaning on the edge of the bed, Ryosuke listened to Okamoto’s explanation. Okamoto and his friends were playing basket ball at the basket ball ground; Umika and her friends happened to pass the side of the court when one of his friends accidentally threw the ball to their direction and it unfortunately hit Umika on the head. An addition from Okamoto’s friend—everyone there was too shocked to move except Okamoto, who spontaneously approached Umika and rushed her to the infirmary.

Ending the explanation, Okamoto and his friends excused themselves from the room. Even after Okamoto already explained the situation and said that he understood of why Ryosuke threw his anger to him, Ryosuke had no intention to say a word of gratitude or apologize.

And with the whole current situation about Umika’s crush on Okamoto and Okamoto having the same feeling for her, he was glad he didn’t say it back then.

“Guys, can you stop this talk and proceed on our homework?” That was Umika asking.

“Awww, Umika-chan. You should be happy instead of pouting.”

“No, Non-chan. She’s happy. Look at her face. She’s blushing!”

“I’m not blushing!”

“So cuuute! Umika-chan, you don’t know how cute you are looking right now.”

“But what would you do, Umika?” Saaya redeemed the two girl’s excitement with her calm voice. “Your brother seems to dispise the idea of you being together with Okamoto-senpai.”

“Uh… that…”

There was a pause.

“Hey, that’s right. I really never see you getting mad at Yamada-senpai. Why don’t you try rebelling against him?”



“Joking, joking. But, just for this once, Umika-chan.”

“But I don’t like making him angry.”

“Oh, boy. Here we go. Umika and her deep love for Yamada-senpai,” said Nozomi.

“He’s my brother. Nothing’s wrong with that.”

For a moment, Ryosuke felt like he could fly crossing the cloud nine even without feathery wings on his back. Hearing Umika admitting that she also really loved him gave him great happiness.

“Well, no wonder you will have a hard time to choose. If I were in your position, I might would be as confused as you. I mean, how could I not when I had to choose between cool-and-hot Okamoto-senpai and charming-and-sexy Yamada-senpai?! Oh my god, I just couldn’t.”

“Well, you got a point there.”

“But, maybe, I would choose Yamada-senpai over Okamoto-senpai. Then I could hug and even kiss him whenever I wanted! Great!”

“Sad thing is, you couldn’t date him.”

Ryosuke stopped blinking at what Nozomi just said. The words registered slowly into his brain as if it was said in a dialect he couldn’t comprehend, all the while his heart was feeling like it got stung by a drop of acid for some reason he didn’t know. He hit his left chest lightly.

“And then he might would find another girl and eventually left you to marry her,” Saaya continued Nozomi’s line.

“Oh, Saaya-chan. I thought you weren’t listening.”

“In case you forgot, Hana Cindy Rachel, I’m right beside you, ears wide open. And if I have a say in this, just by the idea of dating our own brother sounds gross already. Imagine dating your elder brother. How do you feel?”

“Ew… very gross, actually… But we are talking about Yamada-senpai! You can’t compare him to that douche bag you call my bro—”

“Chielu, can we just continue doing our homework? This talk is getting into nowhere.”

The girl’s chatter quieted down as they ended the conversation. However, he didn’t stay away from the door, meddling with his own thought. The girls’ words were black texts on white inside his brain; sentences were separated into words and they were spun by unexistent wind blow, trying to find a rational reason behind the uneasiness he was feeling.

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He convinced himself that he didn’t find anything offensive from what they had said, but somehow they burdened him at some point. His chest felt heavier than seconds ago as though boulders were rolling off the trachea and piling up on the base of his lungs.

A buzz from inside his jeans’s pocket brought his thought back to the ground. He hurried to his room and once he was inside, he fished out his cell phone and picked up the call. “What is it?”

“Great news, Yama-chan! Yuuto want to treat us the ice cream from that café! You said you had been longing to eat that extra large strawberry sundae again, right? We’ll meet there at four! Wooohooo!”

“Uh, Dai-chan, Dai-chan.”


“I think I’ll pass for today.”

“What?! Are you serious?! Yama-chan, what’s wrong? Wait. Are you someone else? Where’s Yama-chan???”

Ryosuke’s back slided down the door, now his ankles pressed to his chest. “I just don’t feel well. Nothing big.”

“Oh. So it’s still you.”

“Yeah. It’s still me.” He rolled his eyes.

“Tell me it’s not because you ate too much for lunch.”

“Shut up.” He laughed along with Daiki, although it was forced.

“That’s a pity. I’ll tell Yuuto about your condition.”

“Send my thanks to him.”

“Alright. Rest well. Bye!”

The call ended.  He browsed through the menu in his cell phone and opened a picture of him and Umika together. It was a recent picture taken when they came to the firework festival at a temple nearby—they smiled ear to ear, his cheek met hers. They were happy.

The words her friends said just before resounded clear in his head as if they were shouted right to his ears. They started getting on his nerve.

Running his hand through his hair, he shook his head. He scoffed.

‘Why am I stressing over that nonsense?!’

He got up and dialled Daiki’s number, telling him that he suddenly felt better and that he wanted to draw back the cancellation.

iv. doubt

Hanging out with Chinen at a cozy café downtown, Ryosuke thought it would be a very blissful afternoon after all those crazy soccer trainings he had done for the past few days. With a cup of warm cocoa and a strawberry cake sat on the table before him, and listening to the younger boy’s occasional silly remarks (added with bits of sarcasm as bitter as his cup of black coffee), this way would slow down the rushed pace happening in his head.

It really would, if only during that one second he didn’t turn his head to the window, having a quick look at the crowd of pedestrians and spotting the most displeasing sight he least expected to see that day.

Imaginary grenade exploded in his head, sweeping away his poor, serene mind which had just made its way back.

Various questions ran through his head to the point he was unable to let it out from his gaping mouth since he couldn’t say it all at once. One matter he wanted to know the most was why his beloved little sister Umika was hanging out together with the bastard Okamoto and only with Okamoto. Just the two of them and no one else.

"What’s wrong?” Chinen confusedly looked at Ryosuke whose face currently didn’t have far difference from a gaping fish. He followed his gaze, curious to know what had made him that shocked, but found nothing he could be shocked at.

‘But she said she would hang out with her girl friends and didn’t say a thing about him—’ Recalling the moment when she told him about her plan for today before she went out.

Did she lie to me?

Ryosuke dramatically thought he would pass out in no time.

He slumped his back to the cushion, talking too much in his head that Chinen’s calling failed to reach his earshot. For a moment, he thought of what he should do about it.

Swearing under his breath, he shot up from the cushion in a quick move, startling Chinen as he dashed to the café’s entrance.

“Oi, Yama-chan! Where are you going?!”

“Somwhere! I just remember I have something to do!”

“You haven’t paid for your foods!” Chinen yelled, quickly following Ryosuke to the front of the café before the latter was out of his sight.

“Pay them for me!”


“Sorry, Chinen! I’ll pay you back next time! Promise!”

“But I don’t bring enough money to pay for both of us!”

Unfortunately for Chinen, Ryosuke didn’t hear him as the brunette ran so fast and had already blended in with the crowd. Chinen stood still at the same spot, staring in disbelief at the direction where Ryosuke had ran off. How should he pay for their foods now that he was sort of money, he wondered. He could only afford for a cup of black coffee and a medium-sized french fries to begin with. He could feel the waitress’ cautious stare as he went back to his seat.

He crossed his arms before his chest, thinking hard for a way to get out from this situation without unnecessary problem. Finally decided to just call someone for help, he fished out his cell phone.

“’Sup, Yuto? Can you come to the usual café, like, now? Yes, yes, now. Yama-chan gets me into trouble. I’ll tell you the details later. I really need your help.”

It was not a secret that Yuto had a wallet rather thick with cash money and debit cards.


Ryosuke dragged his legs on his way back home. Judging from the unpleasant aura that was emanating around him, it was clear that the chasing hadn’t gone well. Worse, he practically had lost their track since the first turn. In the cafés or the shops he had visited or among the pedestrians, he couldn’t find a sight of Umika. It couldn’t be helped that Umika was really hard to be seen between the crowd since she had the height of a sixth grader, but he was more annoyed at the fact that he couldn’t even spot Okamoto’s flashy pineapple hair.

He grunted in frustration, kicking on the pebbles angrily like kids who lost in fight over toys. He actually could be more stubborn to keep searching for them, but he knew that he had to give up this time. ‘That bastard better be thankful,’ he cussed inwardly.

Despite that he had decided to leave them, he wouldn’t stop thinking of what Okamoto might be doing with his sister at that moment. Were they having fun at a game center? Were they relaxing at a cozy café, sitting beside each other? Or were they just taking a walk at a park? Jealousy sparked in him just by imagining them spending a happy time together. But then again, what would he do if he managed to run after them? Placing himself between them? Talking into his sister to leave Okamoto and go with him instead? Taunting Okamoto to never go anywhere near her anymore? Or dragging her away forcefully? He thought about his previous plan over again and wondered if Umika wouldn’t get mad at him if he really had done any of those.

The answer should have been obvious. Of course she would get mad at him. Or maybe she wouldn’t. But he definitely would make her sad; that was the last thing he wanted to do. Yet the idea of his sister with someone else was upsetting him.

Although he always loved it whenever he saw Umika smiling brightly, he hated the same bright smile he had seen from behind the café’s window. ‘No, it wasn’t the same,’ he corrected himself. Something about the smile was telling him bad news. It was a sign that someone else would take her away from him and, sooner or later, she would leave him for good. An unexplainable premonition, but premonition was never generous enough to come and leave a space for logical reasons.

He finally reached his house. He went inside, languidly muttering, “I’m home.” Of course, there was no one inside to reply him. His parents were still on a business trip until next Wednesday and Umika hadn’t come back. He took off his shoes and neatly placed it at the front porch. However, he didn’t feel like going inside, not even to his own room. He knew it sounded pathetic, but loneliness was attacking him and coming back into an empty house was not a good idea to begin with. But he didn’t have anywhere else to go.

He sat down on the wooden floor and buried his nose behind his linked fingers. He closed his eyes, trying to soothe the chaos in his mind and loose down the stiffness of his face muscle. How he wished that he had a switch button so he could turn himself off and forget about everything right away.


Umika gasped in surprise when she opened the front door and found Ryosuke sitting at the front porch. His face was facing down and he had his head propped up with his hands. He seemed undisturbed by her presence that she thought he was sleeping, and then she heard a soft snoring. He was indeed sleeping.

She bent down and shook his shoulders. “Onii-chan. Onii-chan, wake up.”

Ryosuke woke up with jolt as if his soul was forcefully slammed down into his body. He looked up, blinking, and recognized his sister immediately. “Umika?” he muttered, wiping the drool  stain on the right corner of his mouth. “You’re home.”

“I’m home.” She helped him getting up to his feet. “Why did you sleep here? Are you waiting for someone?”

“I…” Slumber momentarily messed his mind. He wiped his eye with the side of his hand as he racked through his brain, trying to remember what had happened before he dozed off. Once the happening from this afternoon came back to him, he felt a web of pain spreading inside his chest. He shook his head, quickly faking a smile, and said, “No. I just fell asleep here. What time is it?”

“It’s five,” she answered as she managed to slip her wedges off. They went inside.

“Uh-oh. Someone better prepare for dinner quick. Isn’t today your turn, Umika?” he teased her.

“I know that. Look!” She held up the grocery bags in her hand, showing them to him enthusiastically. “We’re going to have nikujaga!”

“Nikujaga! Great!”

Umika put the bags in the kitchen and left to her room, saying that she wanted to change her clothes first. Ryosuke took out the ingredients the bags and put a carton of eggs, canned fruits, and other stuff she bought inside the fridge while he was waiting for her.

Umika showed up not long after with a more comfortable pair of clothes, her hair was tied in a high ponytail to keep it from disturbing her while preparing dinner. She entered the kitchen, her hands were behind her back as if hiding something from his view, and she approached him with an excited smile spread wide on her face.

“Onii-chan,” she called out.


She pulled out her hands and showed him a knot-shaped silver bracelet with detailed engraving.

He questioningly looked at the bracelet, and then to her, and then back to the gift. “This…?”

“For you.” She grinned. “I saw it at this new accessories store and I thought you would like it.”

He took the bracelet from her. He put it on and looked at it closely, admiring the design. “This is cool!” he muttered.

“Do you like it?”

“Of course!”

Umika beamed at his answer and then sighed in relief. She told him that she was going to prepare for dinner and she moved to the counter tables. She took out a big plastic bowl and put aside the carrots and the potatoes to the sink, washing them clean before she peeled their skin.

“Is it some kind of a special day today?” Ryosuke asked. “I mean, you make my favorite nikujaga for dinner. And you bought me this. I’m pretty sure I had my birthday months ago.”

“Um, I also wonder why. But I just feel like doing this for you.” She giggled. She turned her head for a while from the vegetables to her brother. “You’re okay with this, right?”

Her smile crushed down almost every supporting pillars he had in him. Almost. His heart was  overflowing with feelings; it was too much for him to bear. Tingling sensation spreaded to his whole body in an instant, urging him to pull her into his arms, drown himself into her fragrant scent, and tell her how much he love her for a hundred times and more. And so he did.

Umika yelped and let go of the peeler and the potato when suddenly a pair of arms snaked around her waist, holding her very tight to the chest of someone none other than Ryosuke. He buried his face in her neck and her breath hitched.

“O—Onii-chan?” Rosy blush colored her cheeks at his unexpected action.

Ryosuke was too immersed in his own thought that he ignored his sister’s reaction. He could smell the faint scent of sakura still lingering on her skin. Not exactly a perfect scent for fall, but he cared less.

“Thank you, Umika,” he murmured. “Thank you.”

“It’s—it’s nothing. You’ve done a lot more for me anyway,” she said.

“Nothing? It’s not nothing. It’s something you do for me and that makes it a special thing. I really appreciate it. I really do.”

She bit her lower lip. “Onii-chan…?”


She sensed something didn’t feel quite right. He had hugged her many times before and she should have been used it, but somehow this one felt very alien to her. But she decided to just let things be.

“Never mind.”

He raised his head and pecked her cheek. “I love you, Umika.”

“I love you, too.”

Those four words felt magical to him; they lifted the heavy boulder of anxiety off of his chest and let him breathe in relief. Even if the magic would only work for a while, he thought that it was enough for now.

Grinning ear to ear, he nuzzled her cheek with his own and chuckled giddily. “Umika, my cute little sister, I love you. I love you so much. I love you the most. I love you, I love you, I love youuu.”

“Um, Onii-chan?” She wiggled uncomfortably. “Can you let go? I can’t make dinner if you keep hugging me like this.”

“Oops.” He backed away, holding up both of his hands and sticking out his tongue playfully. “My bad.”

She pouted at his direction. Maybe she had just been overthinking. Maybe that was just how her beloved brother usually was.

v. oddity

Arioka Daiki knew he wouldn’t have the chance to continue playing his online game for the rest of the night when he heard Ryosuke’s serious voice from across the phone line. He told Ryosuke to give him a second to leave his game buddies a message in the chat column, saying that he had to sign off for “some important matter”, which gained him some protest and cussing for leaving just when they were about to face the final boss.

Ryosuke told him about what had happened this afternoon—about witnessing Umika and Okamoto together when he had been out at a café, about how he didn’t like the situation between them, and he asked his opinion of what he should do about all this now that it was getting into him.

Daiki had asked Ryosuke if the latter had a certain reason for dissing Okamoto that much. Ryosuke had said that he had never liked it whenever boys trying to get close to his little sister.

“I’ve told you before. You are being too overprotective,” Daiki said. “Loosen up a bit and try to give Okamoto a chance? I think Umika-chan will be fine under his care. I heard a lot that he was a very nice guy.”

“I know he’s not a bad guy. I just really hate it every time I see her with him. Just. I don’t want to see him with another guy, especially him,” Ryosuke stressed the last two words. “Dai-chan, I… I always have this bad feeling whenever I see them together.”

“Bad feeling like what?”

“Like he’s going to take Umika away from me! I mean, I have seen her with other boys, but she has never felt this distant.”

Daiki nodded although Ryosuke couldn’t see him. He could pretty much understand why Ryosuke felt that way. And maybe Ryosuke actually knew the reason; he was just in a great denying state. It was easy to tell that Umika and Okamoto liked each other—all of their friends and some other students knew—but they were too shy to confess their feelings. Moreover, Umika was too aware of how his brother would react to this matter.

“I don’t really get it myself,” Ryosuke said. “I just want her to stay with me.”

Daiki fell silent at this. Even though they had been friends since junior high school time, he still found Ryosuke’s attachment to his sister amazing. Too amazing, if Daiki got to be honest, and it worried him a little. He had discussed it with Chinen before, solely to make sure that he had just been over-speculating things. The latter simply gave him a shrug and didn’t really answer him. But Daiki caught him curling his lips into a bitter, knowing smile.

“Yama-chan,” Daiki started, his voice sounded gentle. “You can’t be this attached to your sister forever.”

Ryosuke didn’t say anything. Daiki took this as a sign to continue.

“Look. She’s sixteen, not a little girl who needs to be protected twenty four-seven anymore. It’s only natural if she gets attracted to some guy by now, don’t you think so? She’s going to prefer spending more time with the guy she likes and that can’t be helped. It could be with Okamoto. It could be with another guy in the future. But there will come the time when she will choose someone else over you. She eventually will leave you one day.” Daiki bit his lower lip at the last sentence. “You’ll only get hurt if you keep being like this.”

There was a silence for a moment before Ryosuke spoke up. “So… You think I have to let her go?”

“Uh, well, it’s not really like that. You just need to take her feelings into consideration.”

“This will be hard, but I’ll try,” he said. It was the first time Daiki heard him sounding very constrained.

Daiki didn’t like how this turned out. He perfectly knew how fragile Ryosuke’s emotion right now, and yet he had told him things that would only let the latter down. He felt evil. He wanted to tell Ryosuke something to make it up.

“Well, to be honest, I can’t be sure about it since I don’t know Umika-chan really well. I never talk much to her, you see? So, who knows she might prefer to stay with you. I mean, hey, you understand her better than anyone else! And, uh…” He looked up to the ceiling, anywhere, thinking of what else he should say. Finally he admitted that he had run out of things to say. He sighed in defeat. “You shouldn’t worry about this too much.”

“Dai-chan, you’re trying too hard,” Ryosuke chuckled.


“You’re trying to cheer me up, right? Come on.”

“Ugh, shut up! Good thing I still have something nice to say to you.”

After he was satisfied laughing for some more time, he deep-inhaled air into his lungs, regaining his composure. “Thanks for listening, Dai-chan.”

“It’s no big deal.”

Ryosuke hung up after they bid each other good night. Daiki took a seat on his bed and thought about what Ryosuke had told him. He sighed. It would be better if Ryosuke was just having a strong attachment towards his sister and nothing more than that. Or else, things would be very difficult for Ryosuke himself.


“Umika?” Ryosuke knocked on the door of his sister’s bedroom. Seconds passed and he got no reply. He had expected that. It was already past midnight and she most probably had gone to sleep.

He pushed the door open, slightly at first before he opened it wider and stepped into the dark room. He didn’t bother to switch the lamp on, afraid it would disturb her sleep, and he could see well enough just with the light from the hallway. He kneeled down by the bed side, careful not to create unnecessary noise although he perfectly knew that she was a heavy sleeper. The blanket covered her only until her waist—he could see how her chest rose and fell following her even breath—and he fixed it, pulling it until her neck. He set his eyes at the side of her face. How peaceful she seemed as if telling him that tomorrow was going to be alright. That everything was going to be okay.

He stroked her hair slowly, gently, memorizing the softness of the strands on his fingertips. It had never changed since the first time he remembered stroking her hair like that. It was long time ago, when they were little.

“So you’re a big girl now, huh, Umika?” he said, reminiscing. “It doesn’t feel like we have been spending our time together for… sixteen years? I don’t know. But it is a long time, although it doesn’t feel like one to me. I clearly remember how you kept clinging on me and crying every time our parents had to go somewhere for days. You were so little, and I would always be by your side, protecting you, making sure you wouldn’t feel sad and lonely. Those days we wouldn’t let go of each other. Or we couldn’t—that sounds a lot more right. But, can you now?”

A moan escaped Umika’s lips, surprising Ryosuke and he slightly backed away. She shifted her position and now she was facing his direction. He waited for a moment until he was sure that she was still sound asleep. She was, thankfully.

He sighed, voicing the pang of sadness in his heart. “I wish you became the crybaby Umika again, the Umika who always needs me by her side, so at least I don’t have to worry about you leaving me because I know you will always come back.”

Sly thought, he knew. But always be with his precious little sister was all he ever wanted.

He brought his face closer to hers, their foreheads were nearly touching. Tenderly, he set aside her bangs from covering her eyes, muttering, “How will I spend my days without you?” He honestly didn’t know. And he was too scared even just to imagine.

He paid attention to her eyelashes, and then his eyes slowly traveled down to her nose bridge, to her nose tip (which he always found cute), and he stopped at her lips. They were pink, just like his favorite peach, and parted open. He tilted his head to the side, wondering if those lips were as soft as what he heard about girls’ lips. His eyelids fluttered down. And by the next second, his lips already met hers.

They were very soft.

As if he got struck by realization, Ryosuke jumped to his feet yelping. His jaw slacked. Both of his eyes were wide open, reflecting the mixture of confusion and shock that currently rampaging his mind. And while he was stoned at his spot, Umika stayed unawake, completely oblivious to what her brother had just done to her.

“What the…”

Ryosuke quickly left the room and locked himself inside. With his back against his bedroom’s door, he slid down until his bottom hit the floor. He palmed his face with both of his hands, a poor attempt to hold back his heavy breath, and then ran them up to his forehead, fingers clutching his brown lock.

“What was that… What the hell was that… Why the hell did I do that?” he hissed. “Oh my god. What the hell is wrong with me?” He ran his palms back to his face, almost like grabbing them. He rummaged through his mind, searching for a reason acceptable enough to explain his unbelievable action earlier, but he couldn’t think of one other than that he had been so messed up inside. He had been crazy.

“No. Don’t be ridiculous, Ryosuke. You love her, but you love her as a sister. Nothing more. You love her as a sister,” he tried to convince himself. He shook his head while muttering the same thing over and over again. Unfortunately, the more he forced himself to believe it, the more doubt got into him.

He brought his trembling fingers to his lips and shiver ran through his back as he could still feel the sensation from the kiss. The softness of her lips was still lingering there. He was terrified to admit that he would be lying if he said he didn’t like how it felt.

The kiss—it was definitely wrong, and yet it felt right.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”
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